Insurance for Trekking and Mountain Climbing

Essential Travel

Essential offer a unique service in that they cater for all the necessary things travellers require to ensure they have a great trip. The traveller who wishes to engage in more risky pursuits will find this website really useful as they cover most of the activities that come under this banner in terms of obtaining insurance cover.

Their insurance cover is pretty competitive while also being comprehensive so giving the customer peace of mind while they are away. Essential offer a wide range of policies from single trip cover through to backpackers both in Europe and worldwide meaning that cover is available for most activities and trips. Insurance cover is available for winter sports, water sports, adventure sports plus normal everyday low risk sports and activities.

The option to add extra specialist cover is available with most policies such as pre-existing medical conditions, hazardous sports, cruises and weddings. Many sports are covered as standard incurring no extra expense, while riskier sports and activities are categorised in grades one to four. Grade one being the least risky and four being the most risky. Travellers who are looking for economical but comprehensive trekking and climbing travel insurance should consider Essential Travel –

Sports Cover Direct

Sports Cover Direct deals solely with sports insurance therefore are somewhat expert in their field. Quotes can be instantly obtained online so saving the traveller time as moving out of the living room is not required. Their activity top up section is especially useful as you can add on to your existing travel insurance tailoring to your specific needs. Children under two are covered free while children from two to sixteen get a 50% reduction in cost.

Groups who take out a policy are offered a 5% discount which is quite a saving! Sports Cover Direct – only insures amateur enthusiasts not professionals. This is determined by how much you earn per year for your sport, £4,000 is the limit. Sports equipment is covered up to a certain amount by your policy, while the useful Open Area facility allows customers who register to look at their policies and information. Travellers who require an insurance policy that will bring them peace of mind would do well to take a look at this superb sports insurance site.

Sta Travel

Sta Travel who has over thirty years’?? experience in its field covers virtually everything you need to ensure you have peace of mind during your trip, including sports travel insurance. Their policies are aimed at the under 35s and the over 35s offering two separate types of cover for each age group. Extreme sports enthusiasts need to take out adequate insurance cover ensuring that every eventuality is covered. Their sports cover Blue policy for the under 35s covers both European travel and worldwide while offering a standard or premier policy. The Gold policy for the over 35s is more or less the same.

The Sta Travel website – is easy to navigate and they cover one hundred and ten adrenalin fuelled activities as standard, while specialist travel insurance cover – is available for the more extreme activities on comparison sites. The site also covers flights, rail and bus passes, car hire, hotels, tours plus loads of information to help you organise your trip. The site also has lots of great competitions for customers to enter such as win a USA road trip or win £5000. Adrenalin junkies who love risky sports activities when travelling should definitely take a look at this comprehensive site. 

Other Extreme Sports and Activities covered by the sites include

Winter Sports
Air boarding
Glacier walking
Husky dog sledding
Blade skating
Ice Karting
Ice windsurfing
Cross country Nordic skiing
Kick sledging
Snow boarding
Water Sports
Banana boat rides
Black Water Rafting
Spear fishing
Sea Canoeing
Yachting outside territorial waters
Catamaran sailing
Kite surfing
Jet skiing
Deep sea fishing
Adventure/Extreme Sports/Activities
Bungee jumping
Zip wiring
Bamboo boat rafting
Shark cage diving
Elephant or Jungle trekking
Overland expedition
Sand Duning
Bridge swinging
Kite surfing
Tree Canopy walking